CHS Graduation 2022

You did it! Congratulations class of 2022!

Downloading these at web resolution is completely free! Yes, you can post them on social media... but, if you'd like a higher resolution download or PRINTS, you can order those on here as well.

The photos are listed in the order they were taken, only separated by what minutes they happened. The file name ends in 18,55,56 which means it was taken at precisely 6:55.56 PM. There is no easy way to find the graduate other than to guess which page they might be on, based on last name alphabetical order, and scroll and scroll- but hey! maybe you'll see some friends photos too!

If you need help I will be happy to search on my computer, where I can scroll through the 3500 images a whole lot faster.

NOTE: I will be traveling in the summer, so get your orders in by end of June so I can be sure they get to you, right away. Orders placed AFTER that point will be delivered at the end of August.

If you have any questions, please email me @